About Us

Gallow Technologies is setting the standard in Weapon Storage and Organization. With over 20 years in engineering and manufacturing experience, we offer the most innovative but simple racking solution available.

Founded in 2012 because we couldn't find a quality weapon rack for our personal gun room. We refused to hang a $2,000 AR on slatwall or peg board which is designed to hang clothes. We spent the next year developing the Gallow product line, based on what we needed to store, display and organize our guns. Little did we know it was exactly what 1000's of other guns owners were looking for.

Now, over 3 years later, we've expanded and now offer all kinds of products that offer Weapon storage and organization. We also offer complete design and installation services.

No matter how big we get, our priorities will always be Product Quality, Customer Service and Developing new innovative products.

Gallow designs and builds the finest Weapon Storage system available. We have over 17 years experience in engineering and manufacturing as well and import/ export and Gun/ Vault Room design. Our Wall Panels system using 14 and 16 gauge steel and features double powder-coat finish and Lifetime warranty on all products.

P: 855.542.5569

E: sales@gallowtech.com

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