Item # PKG-1091
This package uses 9 of our 24” x 36” wall panels and a mixture of vertical, horizontal, handgun and magazine hangers. It’s designed for on-wall installation. All rifle/ long gun hangers can be adjusted to fit each specific rifle and allows room for optics. Great for display and storage.

These panels can be configured with other packages using the Standard wall panels.

This packages holds:

7 rifles horizontal

12 rifles vertical

12 handguns horizontal

12 to 15 handguns magazines or smaller caliber

12 to 15 rifles magazines, 556

12 to 15 rifles magazines, 762

4 large shelves

Total rack size: 72” high x 108” wide

Total wall space required: 74” high x 108” wide


9 each WP-24.36, Wall panel, 24” high x 36” wide
3 each SB-36, 36” wide support bar
6 each TK-36, 36” wide trim kits
7 each HH-B-1, Horizontal hangers, small “U”, 1 rifle
7 each HH-S-1, Horizontal hangers, big “U”, 1 rifle
4 each VH-SS-3.2, Vertical stock shelf, 3 rifles
2 each VH-S-3, Vertical upper rifle hanger, big “U”, 3 rifles
6 each VH-B-1, Vertical upper rifle hanger, small “U”, 1 rifle
12 each HGH-1, Horizontal handgun hanger, 1 gun
3 each MSH-5.2.3, Magazine shelf, handgun (small caliber)
3 each MSH-5.3.3, Magazine shelf, 556, AR/ AK
3 eachMSH-6.3.3, Magazine shelf, 762
4 each SH-13.8, Shelf hanger, 13” wide x 8” deep

All necessary WP and SB Screws

Made from 14-gauge steel, Powder-coat finish

Available colors are Tan and Gray

  • Gray
  • Tan
  • Brown


P: 435-628-4301


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