Installation Instructions

Installation Tips

1- Pre Planning

When you are preparing to start the installation, make sure you have about 1" on the left hand side of the rack between it and the wall or cabinet etc....... This will allow you to install the panels to each other. This will make more sense if you scroll down and see how they attach.

NOTE: If you have custom cuts panels, its best to lay out the top row of your rack and get an exact width. This will make sure you center it properly on the wall where it will be installed. Because of how they mount, we leave about an inch open when making the custom cuts.

2- Hang Support Bar

Put your first Support Bar (SB-36 or SB-72) up. Make sure it's level and the screws go all the way through into the 2x4's or wall supports. You will need to supply this hardware since we don't know what you are mounting to.

3- Hang First Wall Panel

Now attach your first Wall Panel (WP-24.36, WP-24.24 or WP-48.5)) to the Support Bar with the provided screws (skinny, self-tappers).

4- Screw Bottom of Wall Panel

Next Screw the bottom of the Wall Panels into the wall making sure to go into the 2x4's or wall supports. You need to supply this hardware.

5- Hang Next Support Bar and Panel

Now install your next Support Bar (either SB-36 or SB-72) and attach the first Wall Panel onto that. Make sure these panels are square and level to the Wall Panels on the first Support bar. If these need to be adjusted, the best way is to loosen the second Support Bar and just that up and down till all the Wall Panels are lined up. Once everything is good, screw in the bottom of the last 2 panels you mounted.

6- Hang Lower Panels

Now connect your next row of Wall Panels to the bottom of the first row you just installed starting on the right side of the wall. There are mounting tabs on the bottom of the panels you just installed that fit into your next panel.

7- Screw Lower Panels to Wall

Screw the bottom of that Wall Panel into the wall making sure to go into the 2x4's or wall supports. Do this till your rack is complete.

8- Configure & Install

Once the Panels are up, its time to configure and install all the hangers. Make sure they are all in the right place and fit your guns the way you want them. Use the supplied screws (short stubby ones) and secure the hangers onto the wall panels. If you have the trim strips, they can go installed now.

Rack Install Height


1 panel - 26"
2 panel - 50"
3 panel - 74"
4 panel - 98"

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