Weapon Organization Storage Pods

Gallow Technologies, known for top-quality weapon storage systems is now offering their WOSP system. Available in multiple sizes and with tons of different options, these units can be built for safe, secure and efficient weapon storage.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in 7.5' wide, 7.5" high x 8', 10, 20' or 40'
  • Interior framing, fire board and wall board
  • Insulation and electrical
  • LED lighting with motion switches
  • Standard conex doors or vault door
  • Custom interior and exterior paint
  • Rubber or hardwood flooring
  • Gallow Weapon racks

Options Available

  • Additional steel sheets on wall, ceiling and floors
  • Ballisticrete interoir walls
  • Access control
  • Interior and/or exterior CCTV
  • Upgraded lighting packages
  • Work benches/ tables
  • Heavy-duty shelving for ammo storage
  • In-ceiling wireless speakers
  • TV cabling and brackets

Custom Shipping Container Gun Vaults

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