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100% Made in the USA
Lifetime Warranty
Made from 14-gauge steel
Powder-coat finish
Available Colors are: Brown, Gray, and Tan


(Wall space required depends on the placement of the floor shelves)
Usable Rack Space:
Total Outer Columns 72” High x 46” Wide
Total Inner Columns 48" High x 72" Wide
Wall Space Required:
Total Outer Columns 74” High x 46” Wide
Total Inner Columns 50" High x 72" Wide
Total Rack Width: 118"

Item #: PKG-1064

This new package features our 24" High x 36" Wide and 24" High x 23" Wide wall panels to create one large rack meant to fit around a workbench. It’s designed for on-wall installation. All rifle/long gun hangers can be adjusted to fit each specific rifle and allows room for optics.

The two outer vertical columns of panels utilize three 24" High x 23" Wide panels for a column rack space of 72" High. The two inner vertical columns of panels utilize two 24" High x 36" Wide panels for a column rack space of 48" High.

Great for display and storage on top of a workbench. These panels can be configured with other packages using our Standard Wall Panels.

***The pictured work bench is not included in this package. It is for demonstration to show how this package can be installed around a 6' work bench or table.***

This Packages Holds:

5 Rifles Horizontally
12 Rifles Vertically
3 Handguns Horizontally Right-facing
9 Handguns Vertically
2 Heavy Duty Hooks(To hold a Bow)
1 Helmet & Plate Carrier/Vest
6 Plastic Bin Kits
2 Medium Steel Shelves
2 Large Steel Shelves


4 eachWP-24.36, Wall panel - 24” High x 36” Wide
6 eachWP-24.23, Wall Panel - 24" High x 23" Wide
2 eachSB-36, Support Bar - 36" Wide
2 eachSB-23, Support Bar - 23" Wide
4 eachTK-36, Trim Piece - 36" Wide
4 eachTK-23, Trim Piece - 23" Wide
4 eachVH-SSF-3.2, Vertical Stock Floor Shelf - 3 Rifles
4 eachVH-S-3, Vertical Upper Hanger Big “U” - 3 Rifles
5 eachHH-S-1, Horizontal Hangers Big “U” - 1 Rifle
5 eachHH-B-1, Horizontal Hanger Small “U” - 1 Rifle
3 eachHGSH-3.1, Handgun Shelf Hanger - 3 Handguns
3 eachHGH-1-R, Handgun Hanger - 1 Right Handgun
2 eachSH-13.8, Shelf Hanger - 13” Wide x 8” Deep
2 eachSH-22.10, 22” Wide Ammunition Shelf
6 eachPBIN-5.6.9, Plastic Bin Kit
1 eachHelmet-hhook.1, Helmet & Heavy-Duty Hook
2 eachH-Hook-1, Heavy-Duty Hook Hanger
1 eachPVH-1, Plastic Vest Hanger
All necessary WP and SB Screws

  • Gray
  • Tan
  • Brown

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