A-Frame & Freestanding Racks

Gallow offers a full range of Free-standing and A-frame products. We have free-standing racks to fit each of our packages but also make custom pieces to fit any size you need. The A-frame racks also can be built to any size to fit any application.

Gallow's free-standing and A-frame racks

The A-frame racks are perfect for Gun Ranges, Showrooms, Training facilities, Weapon Manufacturing and the list goes on and on. Most of the racks are custom built to meet certain requirements but here our a few common sizes we build:

50" high x 36" wide 50" high x 42" wide 74" high x 36" wide 74" high x 42" wide

Please Note: The heights mentioned above do not include wheels or rubber feet. These can add anywhere from 2" to 6" to the overall height.

Because each rack features Gallow Panels on one or both sides, the storage options are endless. It's easy to set up one and then change it around anytime. For example, one side can be set up for all vertical storage and the other side for horizontal. Then, at any time, reconfigure to a completely different layout.

With Gallow's innovative hanger design, each space can be adjusted to fit each specific weapon.

Other Features includes:

  • Heavy duty wheels or rubber feet options
  • American "L" metal steel throught-out the entire stand
  • Complete welded construction
  • Steel mesh shelving for easy storage
  • Heavy-duty powder coat finish
  • Locking wheels or rubber feet options
  • Everything made in Southern Utah, USA

Custom is what we do so we can build any size rack to meet your requirements.

Please call or contact us and we can get you a price quote.


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