Vertical Hanger, Upper, sideways, barrel, rifle


100% Made in the USA
Lifetime Warranty
Made from 14-gauge steel
Powder-coat finish
Available Colors are: Brown, Gray, and Tan


Dimensions: 4” High x 3.5” Wide x 3.5" Deep.
Weight: 1 lb.
Sold as each.

Item #: VHS-B-1

Vertical Hanger that holds the rifle vertical but sideways. This part is used to support the upper part of the rifle when hanging it vertical-sideways on any of the wall panel products. Comes with a heavy-duty piece of Velcro to secure the rifle in place. Part VHS-SS-1 completes the set.


Steel Hanger
HDPE Insert
Velcro piece
Mounting Screw

  • Gray
  • Tan
  • Brown

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