Full Service Gun Room and Armory Design

Efficient and Customized to Your Application

Our in-house gun room design team has quickly gained a reputation for designing some of coolest and most efficient gun rooms around. Whether it's a personal weapon storage room or a commercial armory, we can design and build exactly what is needed.

With Gallow racks as the backbone of the room, it's easy to take any space and turn it into an organized, efficient way to store your guns and gear.

If needed we can start from the beginning and design the overall size and shape of the room as well as the vault doors, cabinetry, rack trim work and work areas.

We offer full installation services in the US and International

Plan out and use every inch of your safe.

Let our design team help you plan your rack and visualize on our software.

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Our team can travel throughout the US or Internationally to complete the install as well.

We can work with any space, large or small. Commercial or residential.

Vault project in Las Vegas, NV

Custom Gun Vault Projects

Gun Room Design Professionals

Building a gun room isn’t a light task and in order to get the best possible design it requires someone with experience. We’ve been designing and building gun rooms for nearly 20 years! No matter how big your project is, a large gun vault safe that functions as a home armory, or small gun room, we can cater to your budget and needs.

Gun Room Ideas and Plans

We’ve seen it all, small gun rooms, decked out basements and man caves, so we have a lot of good ideas that will help you create that perfect private armory with our gun room plans.

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