heavy-duty, hybrid, Rifle, hanger, horizontal


100% Made in the USA
Lifetime Warranty
Made from 14-gauge steel
Powder-coat finish
Available Colors are: Brown, Gray, and Tan


Dimensions: 6.75” High x 1” Wide x 5.5” Deep
Weight: 1 lb.
Sold as a Pair.

Item #: HHD-HY-BS.1-Pair

Heavy-duty hybrid horizontal hanger designed for larger, heavier rifles such a .50 cals. It attaches to the rack at 3 points instead of 2 and holds the rifle further away to fit larger accessories like bipods, lights etc.

This hanger can be used for either side of the rifle, barrel or stock and can also fit wider guns. The hybrid design features half steel and half HDPE, a high-end plastic composite material that will prevent any damage to the gun. 2 hangers are required to hang each rifle.


2 - Heavy-duty Hybrid Horizontal Hangers
2 - HDPE Inserts
Mounting Screws

  • Gray
  • Tan
  • Brown

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