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Support Bars

At the top of each of row panels, there must be a Support Bar product (SB-23, SB-36, SB-72). The proper way to install the SB is with the row of mounting holes at the top.

Wall Panels

Wall panels attach directly to the Support bar and then you mount the bottom of each Wall panel to the wall. Our system allows an endless variety of configurations.

Additional Panels

Lower panels attach to upper panels with the mounting pegs and holes.


No matter where to choose to install the racks, they must be installed into the wall studs or supports. Drywall, by itself cannot support the racks. The wall support could possibility be wood 2x4's, 2x6's, metal studs, steal beams, cement walls, cinderblock, etc. You must make sure all the mounting hardware gets secured into these supports.

Also Very Important
Gallow rack system MUST be installed into a secured location. This way your guns remain safe and locked up away from anyone that should not have access to them.

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