Package, pkg, panels, thin wall panel, 24 x 3, vertical rifle display, vertical, 3"


100% Made in the USA
Lifetime Warranty
Made from 14-gauge steel
Powder-coat finish
Available Colors are: Brown, Gray, and Tan


Total Rack Space: 48” high x Approx. 24” Wide
Total Wall Space Required: 48” high x Approx. 48” Wide

Item #: PKG-1005

This package uses our 24” High x 3” Wide Thin Wall Panels along with Horizontal Hangers. It’s perfect for displaying rifles but still leaving a lot of the wall exposed. These panels have an additional row of holes for even more flexibility and mounting options. Both hunting and tactical rifles work great. Each hanger can be adjusted up and down as well as side to side.

This Packages Holds:

6 Rifles Horizontal


4 eachWPT-24.3, Thin Wall Panel - 24” High x 3” Wide
6 eachHH-S-1, Horizontal Hangers, Big “U”, 1 Rifle
3 eachHH-B-1, Horizontal Hanger, Small “U”, 1 Rifle
3 eachHH-W-1, Horizontal Hanger, Wide "U", 1 Rifle
All necessary WP and SB Screws
  • Gray
  • Tan
  • Brown

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