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Gallow Technologies modular panels
100% designed and built in the US
Made from 14-gauge steel, Powder-coat finish
Available colors are Brown, Tan, and Gray
Base made from 1” square tubing
Super quick and easy assembly
Ships via UPS parcel
Assembly and Panel Screws Included

Item # Tac-stand.2

Welcome to our all new Tac-stand product line. These products and packages are based around our new Tactical Equipment Stand. You can purchase just the stand and totally customize the hangers you want or you can choose from our pre-configured packages.

This package includes the stand, 1 Helmet and Hook Hanger, 1 Heavy-Duty Hook & Vest Hanger Set, 2 Vertical Magwell Hangers, and 2 of our Handgun Barrel Hangers. This configuration is great for hanging a helmet, a vest or plate carrier, a batter belt, 2 vertical rifles and 2 handguns. Because everything is modular, you can adjust the hangers to perfectly fit your specific equipment.

The stands are built from 1” square tubing, welded together and then powder-coated. Each one features 2 of our modular panels giving you tons of flexibility and hanger configurations.


Base is 15” Wide x 15” Deep
Total stand is 52” High
Weight: 34 lbs.


1 eachComplete Stand with Base
2 eachWPT-48.5, Thin Wall Panel - 48" High x 5" Wide
1 eachHelmet-hhook.1, Helmet & Heavy-Duty Hook
1 eachHhook.hanger, Hook & Vest Hanger Set
1 eachMWV-556-45.1R, Magwell Hanger, Vertical 45° angle
1 eachMWV-556-45.1L, Magwell Hanger, Vertical 45° angle
1 eachHGBH-H.1L, Handgun Barrel Hanger - Left
1 eachHGBH-H.1R, Handgun Barrel Hanger - Right
(Wall Panels Already Installed)
  • Gray
  • Tan
  • Brown


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