Cabinet, Weapon Cabinet, Ultimate Weapon Cabinet


  • Gallow modular panels on back wall, sidewalls & door panels
  • 12 and 14-gauge American steel through-out the entire cabinet
  • Complete welded construction
  • Heavy-duty, continuous hinges
  • Solid doors
  • Removable base for easy floor mounting
  • Reinforced mounting holes on back and bottom of cabinet
  • Key locking handle
  • Multi-point locking system
  • Additional steel plate to protect locking bolts
  • Heavy-duty powered coat finish
  • 100% designed and built in Southern Utah, USA

Item #UWCAB-74.42.24-3

Here it is, the Ultimate Weapon Cabinet. This model has room for all your weapons, gear and more. This unit is perfect for all your storage needs. With our modular panels on the back wall, sidewalls and doors, the configuration options are truly unlimited.

This set up holds a total of 12 rifles vertical, 12 handguns vertical, 5 handguns horizontal and some misc. gear. It leaves space on the bottom for bulk ammo storage (or anything else). This hanger configuration allows you to adjust the top and bottom hangers to get the vertical rifles as whatever height works best.

Our modular back panel allows you to set up the cabinet to fit your guns and equipment specifically and then move it around anytime. Also includes reinforced mounting holes for securing the cabinet to the floor and/ or wall.

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Additional Specifications:

External Dimensions: 74” High x 42” Wide x 24” Deep
Interior Dimensions: 71” High x 41” Wide x 22” Deep
Cabinet Weight: ≈470 lbs.
Shipping Weight: ≈500 lbs.


1 eachCabinet
12 eachVH-HY-BS-1, Hybrid Vertical Upper Hanger
4 eachVH-SS-3.3, Hybrid Vertical Stock Shelf - 3 Rifles
4 eachHGSH-3.1, Handgun Shelf Hanger - 3 Handguns
2 eachHGH-1-L, Handgun Hanger – 1 Left Handgun
3 eachHGH-1-R, Handgun Hanger - 1 Right Handgun
2 eachMSH-5.2.3, Magazine shelf, Holds Pistol Mags
2 eachMSH-5.3.3, Magazine shelf, Holds 556/223 Mags
2 eachMSH-6.3.3, Magazine shelf, Holds 762/308 Mags
1 eachHhook.hanger, Hook & Vest Hanger Set
1 eachH-hook-1, Heavy-Duty Hook Hanger
1 eachHelmet-1, Helmet Hanger
2 eachKeys

Add-on Options:
Electronic Locking System. Sargent & Greenleaf electronic keypad locking system. $150.00


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