14 gauge American steel throughout the entire cabinet

Complete welded construction

Heavy-duty welded hinges

Key locking handle

3-point locking system

Steel mesh front door for easy inventory

Heavy-duty powered coat finish

Gallow's modular back panel for unlimited configurations

100% made in Southern Utah, USA

Additional Specifications:

External dimensions: 46” high x 43” wide x 15” deep

Interior dimensions: 43” high x 42” wide x 13” deep

Cabinet weight: 187 lbs

Shipping weight: 207 lbs

Item # WCAB-46.43.15-0
This cabinet was designed for bulk weapon storage. 2 of these cabinets stack on top of each other and still fit under an 8’ ceiling. This package includes ONLY the cabinet with NO hangers. This allows you can choose the hangers that fit exactly what you need.

Cabinet Order Form


1 each - cabinet

2 each - keys


P: 435-628-4301

E: sales@gallowtech.com

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