14 gauge American steel throughout the entire cabinet

Complete welded construction

Heavy-duty welded hinges

Key locking handle

3-point locking system

Steel mesh front door for easy inventory

Heavy-duty powered coat finish

Gallow's modular back panel for unlimited configurations

100% made in Southern Utah, USA

Additional Specifications:

External dimensions: 74” high x 38” wide x 15” deep

Interior dimensions: 71” high x 37” wide x 13” deep

Cabinet weight: 230 lbs

Shipping weight: 250 lbs

Item # WCAB-74.38.15-2
This cabinet is perfect to store a lot of gun and gear in one spot. This set up holds 14 rifles and 12 handguns vertical. It also has hangers for 4 suppressors and some misc equipment. For reference, this cabinet interior can fit the same set up as 3 of our WP-24.36 panels stacked.

Cabinet Order Form


1 each - cabinet

11 sets - VH-base cups and foam pads

1 each - VH-SS-3.2

14 each - VH-S-1

4 each - HGSH-3.1

4 each - SPH-9

2 each - SH-8.3

2 each - PBIN-5.6.9

2 each - keys


P: 435-628-4301

E: sales@gallowtech.com

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